Jimmy & The Moon

“The jangly, hooky roots rock of the Stephen Stanley Band’s Jimmy & The Moon, will sound familiar to fans of Lowest of the Low, who for decades have heard Stanley’s guitar motifs embellishing the band’s classic songs.” Now Toronto

“The album had me hooked from beginning to end.” Canadian Beats

“Jimmy & The Moon is a blast of Americana that mixes just enough rock to keep listeners invigorated without detraction…a terrific band…” Fervor Coulee

While recording these songs on Wolfe Island at the old Post Office studio with his producer and multi-instrumentalist Hugh Christopher Brown, an unofficial theme emerged “quite naturally as we whittled down the songs for this collection,” Stephen says. As fans of “LOTL” can attest, one’s own backyard or alleyway still hold endless unexpected rewards, twists and turns and these tunes pay tribute to the people and city where he has spent his life.

Tales of growing up in the east end of Toronto, leaving, moving back; a defiant celebration of the untimely demise of a beloved bar in the Junction (“The Troubadour’s Song”); and the final days of his grandfather’s life, while retired but working the night shift in a sporting goods store under the infamous Yorkville coffee house where Neil Young and Rick James played their first shows (“Under the Mynah Bird”).

The title track was inspired by a stranger’s unsolicited soliloquy as he was walking out of Jimmy’s, a local dive, as Stephen waited for a streetcar. This rockin’ rant and the equally rockin’ cover art by Matthew Daley captures this fella’s devastation about the overdevelopment of buildings in parts of east end Toronto, wrecking his heart and view of the full moon.

They dig a hole four stories deep and the cement trucks idle down Gerrard

Call me a sentimental fool, but for sixty years I’ve called this corner my back yard

And should I fight to keep things as they are, cuz my time is coming soon

So fill my glass up one more time and say goodbye to Jimmy and the moon

Stanley and Brown put all sorts of beautiful and jangly spins onto his musical past and frame his present in a burst of rock-pop-soaked energy. The spotlight easily shines on Stephen’s formidable guitar playing and his honest, emotionally connected vocals and songs but this pair also shines the light on all of the stellar musicians and guest vocalists on this record, including the stunning newcomer Hadley McCall Thackston who sings with Stephen on the disarmingly sweet and mysterious Pogues-like love song, “Next to Me.”

Tear down the club, condo up the moon…. music still wins the day. All songs on Jimmy & The Moon were written by Stephen Stanley and recorded, engineered & produced by Hugh Christopher Brown.


The Stephen Stanley Band

  • Stephen Stanley – Songs, Vocals, 6 & 12 String Electric & Acoustic Guitars
  • Chris Bennett – Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Coral Electric Sitar, Baritone Guitar, Vocals
  • Gregor Beresford – Drums, Percussion, Vocals
  • Chris Rellinger – Bass Guitar

With Special Guests

  • Hugh Christopher Brown – Hammond B3, Piano, Keyboards, Sousaphone, Trombone
  • Hadley McCall Thackston, Kate Fenner, David Corley, Sarah McDermott, Justin Bird – Vocals
  • Pete Bowers – Percussion
  • Burke Carroll – Pedal Steel
  • Jane Scarpantoni – Cello
  • Gerard Moloney – Accordion
  • Michael Martin – Low Flute, Uilleann Pipes
  • Tara Walker-Fischer – Tympanic Tom Drum

COVER ART: Matthew Daley